Sunday, April 17, 2005
Want to Loose Weight

Three basic components to loose weight.
1) Check your diet base on your Blood Type. (my post on blood type)
2) Eat as much as you like but include alot of Fat Burining Food
      a) Apple
      b) Soybeans
      c) Garlic
      d) Berries
      e) Citrus fruits
      f) Corn oil
      g) Peanut oil
      h) Safflower oil
      i) Sunflower seed oil
      j) Olive oil
3) Burn Calories
      Calories Burned per Hour base on 150lb person.
      a) Bicycling, 6 mph       240
      b) Bicycling, 12 mph       410
      c) Cross-country skiing     700
      d) Jogging, 5½ mph       740
      e) Jogging, 7 mph       920
      f) Jumping rope       50
      g) Running in place       650
      h) Running, 10 mph       1280
      i) Swimming, 25 yds./min.   275
      J) Swimming, 50 yds./min.   500
      k) Tennis, singles       400
      l) Walking, 2 mph       240
      m) Walking, 3 mph       320
      n) Walking, 4½ mph       440

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