Sunday, May 01, 2005
New Paper Big Walk Encounter
Registered at HDB Hub (Toa Payoh) today for The NewPaper Big Walk. Lady ahead of me was too much, pity the lone guy manning the booth. Here is the conversation between the woman and young guy :

Conversation in mandarin, Middle age woman registering 6 participant
Young guy : The name and Tag number must match.
Middle age woman : Must same meh.
Young guy : Ok never mind I write for you later.
Young guy staple the stack of registration slip on the form, stoop down and retrieve six T shirts for the woman.
Middle age woman : Got only one size, ai you so big how to wear, can change or not.
Young guy : One size only.
Middle age woman : Got plastic bag or not.
Young guy : No plastic bag, got to use your own.
Middle age woman : Ai yah no plastic bag how to carry so heavy, wait I get from shop, I put here first.
Young guy : ok
Young guy attend to me, took my form and proceed to enter my particular into a book.
Middle age woman returns with NTUC plastic bag.
Young guy : Please sign here for registration (talking to woman).
Middle age woman : Eh no free gift bag ah? (after signing).
Young guy : No bag promotion was Yesterday, today don't have.
Middle age woman : How come don't have, yesterday I came so long queue.
Young guy : Only yesterday have.
Middle age woman : Ai yah, I don't want to register already, cancel, cancel, this registration not for me for friends, no bag no registration, cannot pay for them.

Young guy stunt does not know what to do, proceed with my registration, I took the T shirt paid four dollars and sign his book and then walk away. Saw from a distant Young guy on phone, must be talking to someone higher up, saw middle age woman walk away. Last saw young guy using blanco (white paste) trying to remove middle age woman registration.

Moral of the encounter : Idea of Joining Big Walk is for healthy lifestyle not for good bag or promotion item.

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