Sunday, August 28, 2005
New Balance Real Run 2005 at Sentosa

This year event slightly better organize than last year.
Got up early and catch train at Khatib at 0630, reach Harbour Front MRT Station at around 0725, since the starting time is 0845 for 10km decide to take the shuttle bus at the interchange.

Big Mistake, long queue from Bus Interchange to entrance of MRT station, queue not single file but in groups, hey where are the control, people jumping queue ahead of me but pretending to know the group of person in front. Late comers of groups infront also cut in, shame on them.

Wondering why the queue was not moving, the tail end have reach the steps of the MRT exit. Finally reach the four Sentosa Staff manning the queue infront, "Tear out the tab from the Name TAG" shouted one, "Get ready 1 dollar" say another, but the queue still does not move, group in front fumbling for $$$$$.

For just a short distant they only have three bus in the bus bay, and they are not packing them in, bus move off after all seats taken, why no standing ??????

Finally board the bus at 0745 (20 minutes wait, I could have jog into Sentosa by then), bus still not moving out of bus bay, another group fumbling with payment.

0750 bus move off, almost fell asleep with the waiting, reach Sentosa Starting point at 0815. From 0725 to 0815 a total of 50 minutes, instead of warm up I lost all mood for the run.

The route was the same as last year, more water point now, good layout of goodie bag collection and promotion area. My final time 1 hr 14 mins, slow down at the beach, sand very soft, walk the whole stretch of beach.
Anonymous fun runner said...
Driving was not much better. I got off AYE at about 7:45am thinking I will have more than enough time. The queue to Sentosa was super long, partly due to the construction at the Gateway.

The run started well for me (except my pace was too fast at the beginning), I suffer at sand. It was really tough to keep up the pace. I wish they have more water point especially at the beach, it was very hot and I can feel my skin burning.

I still can feel soreness in my leg today. OVerall it was a fun run. I will do it again next year.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
u need to train better to improve your timing.

Blogger Jogger said...
ya started training for 21km marathon