Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Run from Bishan to Yishun
Last friday attempt to run from Bishan MRT to Yishun, started from the bus stop outside the Bishan MRT find the going tough not even 100 meters met with a wall of human traffic, oh wrong timing peak evening human rush hour.

Reach AMK MRT another wall of human traffic force to run on the roadside for that stretch, finally Yio Chu Kang MRT insight after 20mins of running, hey another wall of human traffic, this time students from NYP, give up turn into YCK MRT and took a train to Khatib and ran home.

Today did the same thing, this time on the left side of the road, oh no no human traffic but alot of traffic light, did not have the green wave, stop many times. Finally reach Yishun stadium, time 51 minutes, slow. Must tryit another time in the morning.