Sunday, September 04, 2005
Mizuno run
Did the run this morning with Chow and PK chong, manage to met Cyberkinetic of SG runners in the
morning and agree to meet the group later after the run.

The open group move off earlier, and the fun run group I was in after that. First 2.5km stretch was good and comfortable, saw the first drink point, decided against taking a drink (big mistake), too many traffic lights.

Reach the half way mark at 28mins, wah no water to drink leh, alamak did not bring water bottle no drink at 2.5km mark, die die also must carry on. Jog until the next water point believe to be 7.5km mark, again all the empty carton box, no water ahhhh.. aiyoh alot of half drink water bottle lying on the roadside and I debating wether to grab one and drink.

Saw a phyton dead by the roadside, poor creature must have been hit or died of thrist, cannot concentrate already, mind telling leg to walk. Walk and jog for next 2km with some more stops at traffic light. Finally cannot tahan already at the KOVAN MRT station saw the mama shop, stop to buy a 100 plus drink, so refreshing, sprint to the end after that. Total time 1 hr 10 mins.

Met up with SG runners after that, got introduce to so many people by Cyberkinetic, cannot remember all the face after that, need more meet up to get to know them.
Blogger kops21 aka tigger said...
Nice meeting you today, unfortunately the time is short.

See you next sunday at AHM.

Blogger The Dream Runner said...
good to meet u jogger, though i understand if u forgot who is who by now.

We have lots more opportunities to get to run and meet one another.

Meanwhile, all the best to AHM/SBR this Sunday.

Blogger DO said...
Hi Jogger, nice to meet u... c u at AHM... Cheers