Monday, September 12, 2005
SBR and AHM 2005

Leave home at 0630, reach Esplande at about 0715, the 21km runners are already streaming back, decided to go the finish line to look for sgrunners but found the way blocked so turn around to go by the Esplande, bad decision, while crossing the net barricade which was lying on the road I trip and fell flat on my face. The army boys manning help me up, thanks to them, found my right knee bruise, nose bruise, right palm bruise and also the right elbow.

Walk over to the Medical center at the padang to get some clean up on the wounds, attended by two army medics ( a big thank you to them), they clean up my wounds and place a gauze on it with translucent tape, saw a couple of runners (must be 21km runners) came into the medical tent looking very pale, the army doctor was directing the medics to do the necessary, look well organize.

Felt no pain on my bruise and decided must complete the 12km run, walk over to the starting point. Start off well but have to zig zag around those walking even after 1km , must be fun walker then.

At the start of the slope towards Sheares Bridge saw Teo Chee Hean running with bodyguard, overtook them and proceed to the top of the bridge, at the juntion where the 6km runners turn left and the 12km runners proceed straight, a policeman was shouting at the top of his voice to stop the 12km runners, why?, there was no cars there, soon realize that he was stopping runners to let three mindef landrovers with press people to go through so that they could capture TCH running the 6km route. Mr TCH should run the 12KM route next year so that runners would not be stop at the first part of the run.

Was still comfortable at the National Stadium area, only after the geylang road stretch walk and jog on the Kallang River side park, manage to pick up again after Raffles Ave and all the way to the Padang, time 1 Hr 39 mins, I was aiming for 1Hr 20mins.

Met Balasing and he directed me to where the SG runners were gather, went to get my goodie bag and a drink bef joining for group photos with SG runners. BIB No 2027
Rating :
Organization level : Good - layout of stalls and crowd control)
Drink point : Good
Control : Good except first stop
Start Time 21km : Good
Start Time 12km : Too late
T shirt : Good