Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Don't know what time now?
Click on link and get the right time, also can download atomic clock to update your PC clock.
Monday, February 21, 2005
MacRitchie Reservoir Map

Click on image for bigger image. Posted by Hello
Sunday, February 20, 2005
HSBC Tree Top Bridge Journey1

This is where we start on the journey to the HSBC TreeTop Bridge. There is another two alternative to a shorter journey, but this route is the longest.
First Start at MarRitche Resevoir Famous Zig Zag Bridge. Posted by Hello
HSBC Tree Top Bridge Journey2

Beautiful Sunrise 7.30am at MacRitche Reservoir. Posted by Hello
The Start Point3

Take this route at the Zig Zag Bridge, distant 5.1Km to Bridge, this is the easy part.Posted by Hello
HSBC Tree Top Bridge Journey4

Walk on the edge of the reservoir using the wooden walkway.Posted by Hello
Follow the Sign

Lost?? look for the direction signs. Posted by Hello
Earth Bridge or Dam?6

Earth Bridge or Dam with the golf course on the left.Posted by Hello
Beautiful Trees galore7

Beautiful Tree.Posted by Hello
Tree Top Bridge Journey8

Make sure you catch the sunrise Posted by Hello
Mirror image

Mirror image Posted by Hello
Giant golf balls on the course

Giant golf Ball??? Posted by Hello
Juletong Tower

Finally reach Juletong Tower Should I climb it Posted by Hello
Juletong Tower Climb

Watch your Steps, spiral stair case take you to the top of the towerPosted by Hello
View from the Top

View from TOP of Jelutong Tower Posted by Hello
Juletong Tower

Jelutong Tower another look Posted by Hello
Maps show your location

If you are lost please refer to MAP Posted by Hello
Steep climb to the Entrance

After almost 1 hour of walking we arrive at a steep slope before reaching the Bridge Posted by Hello
Walkway toward entrance of Bridge

Start here to get to the Bridge Posted by Hello
Bridge Start from Here

The start of the Bridge No turning Back, ranger ensure you step on the swinging bridge and proceed to the other side.Posted by Hello
HSBC Tree Top Bridge

Hand Rail at waist level ensure safety.Posted by Hello
Tall Trees Taller

The trees are taller than the Bridge, looks like the bridge is not the tallest.Posted by Hello
View of the Bridge form the End

View from the end of the BridgePosted by Hello
The return journey

I like downhill part after the Bridge . Posted by Hello
More walkways

This part is easy just walk , did not show the difficult part it is for you to try it out.Posted by Hello
Small Stream on the way back

Small stream Posted by Hello