Sunday, August 27, 2006
AHM 2006
Manage to complet in 2 hrs 36mins as show on the official clock at the ending point, it was 2hrs 35mins 11sec on my stopwatch,which should be the right timing, 5 mins off my last year SCSM half marathon.

The hardest part was having to stop 4 times at the traffic junction in Orchard area, the traffic police was more keen to get the traffic going than allowing runners to pass through, these stoppages resulted in some of the serious runners to raise their voice. They should have stick to the previous route than to make it through town and stopping runners instead of stopping cars.

Anyway it was a good run.
Next target SCSM 2006 Full marathon 5hrs 30min

# 709 1st Check Point 0:56:03
2nd Check Point 1:50:58
3rd Check Point 2:20:35
Final 2:36:25