Sunday, November 12, 2006
2nd Link Run 2006
Less participant this year more room to run, manage a good 57mins 18 secs timing
Should be happy with it consider a 28km run on yesterday, better organize this year maybe because of lesser people.

Nice meeting TLR of SGrunners.
Now for - 21 days to Marathon - target 5.5 hrs.

Blogger Cutues said...
Hi Mr. Jogger,

We are building a list of running routes in Singapore.

May we add a link to your nice 26km route map image from the website ?

sgroutes (

Blogger jerryshe said...
just curious, may i check what's your age? I always wanted to try running at least half marathon but i am afriad i can't complete.

Blogger WaiTee said...
Jerryshe - start slow and short slowly increase you distant nothing is impossible - try run and walk for the first time don't worry about timing, just complete

Blogger jerryshe said...
thanks for your encouraging response. Really appreciate that and i'll do so. Thumbs up to you!! A very nice blog u have as well.