Monday, December 04, 2006
My First Marathon
This is my first full marathon finish in 5hrs 19min better than my target of 5hrs 30min.
First 10km did it in 1hr 07 - enjoying the cool morning.
At 20km forget to look at the my timing, must be 2hrs 10min,
Cramps on right calf at the 23km mark start looking for deep heat.
At 30km saw SG support group doing a good job, got some deep heat.
32km both left and right calves started to pull, jog and walk for the next 2 km
At 34 km mark I think one runner with SG running 'T' tap me on shoulder ( sorry too blurr to see who was the person),.
37km mark manage to look at my timing 4hrs 37mins (37mins thats is why I remember)
From here it was walk and run, met Kwan (if I heard it correctly) with the HWA 'T' shirt, chatted and run together.

Finally the final stretch of the Padang.