Saturday, June 30, 2007
Penang Marathon 2007
Place : Penang Bridge
Date : 24th Jun 2007
Distance : 22.3Km (Half Marathon)
Time : 2hrs 30min
Avg Speed : 8.92km/hr
Avg Pace : 6.73 min/km
Penang Marathon Medal

22nd Jun 2007 0600 : - Leave home to meet friend at Kranji MRT.

22nd Jun 2007 0645 : - Took 170 to JB Town and then to Kota Baru for shuttle bus.
JB Kota Baru Bus Terminal

22nd Jun 2007 0745 : - Paid 8RM per person shuttle bus from Kota Baru to Senai Airport.

22nd Jun 2007 0825 : - Arrive at Senai Airport have fast food for breakfast and hang around airport.

22nd Jun 2007 1035 : - Board Air Asia for Penang

22nd Jun 2007 1140 : - Landed at Penang International Airport, friends brother pick us up and head for Sungei Patani(SP) in Kedah. First crossing of the Penang Bridge, this is what we have to run on sunday.
Penang Bridge

22nd Jun 2007 1235 : - Rest at friend brother house. Later in the evening went out for dinner.

23rd Jun 2007 0900 : - Leave SP for Queensbay Mall in Penang to collect running tag. Pass through Penang bridge (the return side of Marathon).
Penang Bridge

23rd Jun 2007 1015 : - Collected the race tag and T shirt tents outside Queensbay Mall, very confusing way to distribute tag and T shirt.
Queensbay MallPenang Marathon

23rd Jun 2007 1200 : Headed towards GeorgeTown and board the Penang Ferry service to Butterworth, about 30 minutes to cross to Butterworth, through and fro about 1 hr.
PenangWaiting Area for FerryPenang Ferry TerminalPenang BridgePenang FerryPenang Bridge

23rd Jun 2007 1400 : Lunch at Jalan Penang famous Fried kway Teow and Chendol and at Balik pulau for some nice pancake.
Famous ChendolFried Kuay TeowPan CakeGeorgeTown

23rd Jun 2007 1600 : Back to Kedah for quick dinner at 1900 hrs before catching some sleep as have to be early for starting point for race at 0430 the next day.

24th Jun 2007 0030 : Alarm sounded need to prepare for trip across the Penang bridge before it closes at 0200.

24th Jun 2007 0145 : Cross Penang Bridge and headed for the road opposite the start point to find a parking lot. Confusion everywhere, police manning roadblock does not know where to direct participant to park cars, cars jam up at roundabout, finally able to get into the other side of the road and found parking space.

24th Jun 2007 0200 : Was directed to USM for registration (different from what was shown on pamphlet), reach the gate of USM a big crowd has gathered, no entry registration have not started yet.
Penang MarathonPenang MarathonPenang Marathon

24th Jun 2007 0300 : Still outside USM, full marathon already started, crowd watch and cheer the runners, less than 10 mins and all the full marathon runners have pass USM, not much people taking part in the Full marathon.
Penang MarathonPenang MarathonPenang Marathon

24th Jun 2007 0310 : Finally the registration starts, entering through a small gate opening, show coupon and was issued with wrist band, why can't they do it earlier and prevent crowding at the gate.

24th Jun 2007 0330 : Everyone at the USM (end point) was directed to the open Padang(Field) at the other end, was told to wait at the end gate, very badly organize, waiting in the dark field and on the road leading to the exit gate.

24th Jun 2007 0420 : Finally gate was open and again a big rush to the starting point at Sungei Gelugor school. There were more causal participant from various school than serious runners, and school children just pack the front of the starting line.

24th Jun 2007 0430 : The half marathon starts, less than 300 meters from the start line, even before the slope towards the bridge the student are already walking, some of them forming a row across the road, have to shout at them and bash through.

First water point did not stop for drink, at the second water point no water mistake should have taken some at the first water point. At third water point manage to get some cups of water, did not get any full bottle. Chatted with an Ang Mor from Norway, he also complain about the water point and heat.

Turn at Toll Plaza about 1 hrs 10 min, still within comfortable pace, able to grab an bottle at the fourth or fifth water point can't remember, still very hot and stuffy at this early hour. At the highest point on the bridge felt someone tapping my right arm, turn around and say a young Indian boy pointing at my half filled water bottle and his mouth, he must be very siong and dehydrated to even speak, gave him the bottle and continue with my run.

24th Jun 2007 0600 : 2hrs 30 mins - reach the finish point at USM, received the medal and certificate, again only one water point at the far end, manage to grab only one drink and they run out of H20, rested and then walked towards Sungei Gelugor school for our car, have light lunch and then head towards Penang airport to pick up another friend who will join us for some touring of Penang and Kedah for the next two days.

More pictures available at waitee flickr

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