Sunday, July 22, 2007
Mizuno 2007 Run
Place : Temasek Poly and Bedok Reservoir
Distance : 10km
Weather : Early Rain & Muddy
Rating : -0
Time : 57min

This is a badly organize run -

First only realize the change of ending point when happen to look at the map on display at Temasek Poly.

Second poor marking of actual endpoint mixed with Senior Citizen walkaton.

Third Baggage arrangement at 15 mins before race time.

Fourth Goodie bag queue badly managed.

Fifth : Some of the top 10 runners did not turn up to collect prize when name and number announced - I think they did not know they are at the top ten due to confusing end point.

Six : Too many bottle neck area - gate, bridge, traffic junction, senior citizen, fun run and competition runner .

Many more cannot mention : x%#@@#%#$

The only saving grace is I managed good timing .