Sunday, August 26, 2007
Singapore Bay run / Army half Marathon
26th Aug 2007

0330am : work up by alarm clock, slept the most 3 to 4 hrs on and off.

0415am : Waited for friend to pick me up and proceed to Esplanade

0440am : Reached Marina center car park, not much traffic but only B2 basement have more lots.

0515am : Queue up at the wrong location, saw only army boys - manage to get to the front competitive section, seems to be more people this year.

0530am : Flag off - the stretch through Upper Cross Street and South Bridge road was better this year as compared to last year where after Shenton Way have to squeeze through to Sheares Bridge.

0559am : Reach the 5km mark somewhere on top of the bridge, keeping to my 6min/km pace.
After Ford road turn into East Coast Park, flat stretch all the way.

0630am : Still on track with 6min pace when passing the 10km mark, the turn around should be coming up soon.

0642am: Turn around and pass the mat tracking the race chip. 10 mins later felt muscle cramp coming on right calf, slow down my pace and lost track of looking at time.

At 18km marker saw bananas on table ahead, took one and some drinks cram still looming did not attempt to go faster.

20km marker insight click on stop watch sat it register as 2hr 04 mins, 1.1km more to go struggle along saw the Singapore Flywheel so the Floating Platform must be near.

Finally follow signboard into the grand stand and the finish point total time
2hrs 13min 45 sec. better than last year AHM time of 2hrs 36min.

When to look for friend after collecting finisher medal, could not locate him after half and hour search even after we have arranged to meet at the blue section.

Saw a few runners being carried by medic on stretcher to the medical post. Only after reaching home later in the evening then realized that one CPT Ho died, condolences to the family.

15 mins later did manage to locate my friend at the blue section of the grand stand. Did not join SG Runners for photo taking as have to go to Bright Hills for seven month prayers.

Overall was a very well organize event.