Sunday, December 23, 2007
MR 12 KM
Track with GPS on N95 and ported to Nokia Sports Tracker web site.

Tracked with N95 8BG Nokia GPS Phone.
Export to Google earth as a kml file.

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Blogger Willie said...
Hi, how are you hosting/storing your N95 8GB for your runs with GPS on? How is the experience?

I am looking for a new phone and is considering the N95 8GB and will like to bring it with me for my jogs as well.

Blogger WaiTee said...
First you have to download the Sports tracker software for the site, (click on the pic above to go to the nokia site).

After the run with GPS sports tracker on. Under option export the file into a GPX format and transfer to your PC.

Go to this web site
create an account and download the gpx file.

Blogger Willie said...
Opps I was actually asking about how are u physically keeping your N95 with GPS on with you when you run. Like putting in the pocket, poach etc.

Blogger WaiTee said...
As the N95 have to slide up to get better GPS Signal - I wear my water bottle waist pouch (deuter Nordic 1), put my N95 in a ziplock plastic bag and with slip the other end over the pouch belt.

This way get good signal reception and water proof even if it rain. It will not fall off.