Sunday, December 02, 2007
Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon 2007
More participant this year, reached the start point an hour early, did some stretching and warm up.

Was quite far away from the starting mat, took almost 7 mins of walking before able to cross the start mat and run. Weather was fine with a slight sea breeze blowing and because of more participant, have to navigate through slower starter to gather my own pace.

Breakdown of run base on my stop watch.

5Km - 31 minutes
10km - 1 hrs 5 minutes
15km - 1 hrs 33 minutes
20km - 2 hrs 13minutes
30km - did not clock stop watch
40km - 4 hrs 31minutes
2.195km - 4 hrs 48 minutes

So with the addition of 6minutes my gun time should be 4 hrs 55 minutes.
Manage to hit target of less than 5 hrs.
Better than last year 5hrs 19minutes,


Blogger kops21 said...
Well done!