Friday, December 21, 2007
Sports Tracker (GPS) on Nokia N95 8GB
Loaded Sports Tracker onto my N95 8GB phone and tested it on my daily jog.

Start by selecting a type of activity on the menu (running, walking etc).
Then lock on to the GPS and check for good Satellite strength.
Press start and the software will track you time distance altitude, and speed.

If you switch onto the Nokia Map which is built in the handphone your position will be shown real time on the MAP. You can't get lost with this system as long as there is GPS signal.

The software will go into pause mode if you stop at any point in the run.

Charts are also plotted on speed and time and speed and altitude.
All info can be exported into cvs format or the route exported to Google earth.

If you save it as *.gpx file format then you can download to this Nokia site and store it.

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