Sunday, June 22, 2008
MacRitchie Run

1. Yellow route trace by Nokia N95 with GPS enabled (21km)
2. Start from Toilet at Entrance of MR.
3. Head North towards the MR Nature Trail
4. Exit left at the Island country Club road
5. Proceed along Island Country Club road.
6. After the second up slope turn left into the Dam separating Upper and Lower Pierce Reservoir
7. Run along the road leading into the Dam.
8. Exit right at Old Upper Thomson road
9. Continue to Upper Thomson road
10. Turn Right at Island Country Club Road
11. We are back at point 5.
12. Turn left after point 5 into Terentang Trail
13. At Ranger Station Turn into Sime Trial
14. At end of Sime Trial turn left and arrive at Jelutong Tower
15. Enter the Golf Link
16. Exit Golf Link on the left and enter Lornie Trial.
17. End at the Jetty which is before the Zig Zag Bridge.

Blue route imported from SGRunners Post.
MacRitchie Run


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